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(new post) Is there a way to manage a WS 3500 Lacrosse Technology wheather station under Debian Lenny ?

On Mon, 10 May 2010 10:32:21 -0500, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> Bernard put forth on 5/9/2010 4:47 PM:
>> I've read somewhere that a Lacrosse WS2300 or 23?? was being
>> successfully mastered, but I can't find the appropriate links. What
>> about my WS 3500 ?  the MSWIN driver that I got with it, is called
>> "Heavy Wheather 3600", as it is supposed to manage both WS3500 and
>> WS3600.
>> There is a SERIAL connexion between the wheather station and the PC.
> What, exactly, _specifically_, is the question you would like us to
> answer?

See the "subject" :-)

I think the OP wants to connect his weather device to a Debian system and 
retrieve/manage data from it in the same manner it would do the windows 
counterpart application designed for this device (Heavy Weather Pro).



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