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Re: OOwriter always hangs, and then quits unexpectedly when images are copied (copy/paste) from a website

On 05/09/2010 03:49 PM, Merciadri Luca wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
I just opened a new Writer 3.2.0-9+b1 document then selected the
"title image" http://i.space.com/images/080702-voyager-01.jpg from
and pasted it into the document.
I am using OO 2.4.1.

That's *really* old. If you run Stable, then you should deinstall it and get binaries from http://www.go-oo.org

                      Take for example

Still works, although OOo doesn't seem to know how to handle svg documents.

                                          Select all, then copy it to a
document. After some seconds, OOwriter freezes, and, at the next restart
of OOwriter, I am asked if I want to recover the document. This is an
extreme example, I know, and this is not what I habitually do, but with
this example, I am sure that it is going to bug. The same happens less
often with smaller documents, such as snippets of articles like the one
you selected.

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