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Re: isn't sed s,x,x, one big no-op?

>>>>> "SJ" == Sven Joachim <svenjoac@gmx.de> writes:

SJ> Yes, actually you can do it at build time by using the configure option
SJ> --program-transform-name.  Say you want grub to be named grub2 to
SJ> distinguish it from grub-legacy, then you can run

SJ> $ ./configure --program-transform-name=s/grub/grub2/

SJ> and 00_header will have the transform line look like this

SJ> transform="s/grub/grub2/"

SJ> This somewhat obscure feature is not used in the Debian package,
SJ> hence the no-ops.

Hmmm, then there is a bug in whatever preprocessor package they are
using, that leaves such confusing no-ops when in fact nothing should be
left at all perhaps...

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