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Re: adding 192.x with static IP

> > > Indeed.  I was just trying to help, over the phone, a Windows user set
> > > up a new router, in the absence of a manual.  I told her "go to
> > >", then "".  Nothing doing.  Finally, I searched
> > > online for the manual, which gave the address as "routerlogin.net" or
> > > something like that.  I still have no idea what the IP address is.
> > In my case, "routerlogin.net" gives me my router at
> Thanks, but do you really mean 188, or 168?

192.168.x.x is known to not be available from the wild.
Good thing to have local network. Just as 10.x.x.x, if
you like it better. Setting IP as static helps if one
has server in local network.
The very problem may be the address of the router. As
default it takes something manufacturer thinks fits the
need the best. Linksys has You may always
change it to your liking, just be aware to point all
nodes to that gateway/proxy. It will give you names re-
solution. It will also route all traffic in and out.
Best regards


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