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Re: Memory footprint of a mail server

Thomas Goirand put forth on 5/4/2010 11:51 PM:
> Hi,
> Back when we were running Sarge, we were able to run clamav,
> spamassassin and amavis, together with apache, mysql and an ftp server,
> in just 200MB RAM and same as swap.
> Today, running Lenny, top shows us some crazy results:
> clamav: 156 MB
> amavisd-new: 80 MB per process (running 3 processes is the minimum)
> spamd: 105 MB per process (same remark)

Please post top output so we can see the actual VIRT, RES, CODE, DATA, SHR,
and %MEM column data for these processes.  My initial guess is that you have
a bit of consolidation going on that you're not seeing.  You may want to run
pmap on some of those duplicate processes to see what portion of their
footprint is shared.


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