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Memory footprint of a mail server


Back when we were running Sarge, we were able to run clamav,
spamassassin and amavis, together with apache, mysql and an ftp server,
in just 200MB RAM and same as swap.

Today, running Lenny, top shows us some crazy results:

clamav: 156 MB
amavisd-new: 80 MB per process (running 3 processes is the minimum)
spamd: 105 MB per process (same remark)

That makes the total amount of RAM needed to run these 3 up to something
like 700 MB, which makes it a hard fit for smaller end VPSes. What
happened between Sarge and Lenny is beyond me. It seems we could replace
amavisd-new by clamsmtp, which would save 240MB of RAM, but clamav and
spamd will still have to be there, as there's no other open source
replacement available.

So, is there anyone with an idea on how improve memory efficiency here?
Is there a way to improve perl apps memory footprint, so it's not a dog,
in a more global way on the server? Is dspam better than spamassassin
for it's using less RAM? Has anyone tried clamsmtp and how much RAM does
it take (we would remove amavisd-new totally)? How does the Markovian
discrimination of DSPAM performs? How about the integration of dspam and
clamsmtp in Debian?


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