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Re: Re: Password messed up

How about "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Layout"?
Anyway, unless otherwise specified, Xorg defaults to "us" keyboard.

An easy way to check if the problem relies in your keyboard layout (or the problem comes from another side), is by creating a new user with password "123456" (an easy one to type as most of the keyoards out there have the number keys in the same place -below function keys-). Another approach could be getting a "on screen keyboard" (virtual keyboard) at login screen and use it to type the password.

Also, you could check if the keys are correctly mapped just by typing in the user name field which is not "protected" by asterisks :-)


Thanks Camaleón for the ideas.  Here are my results:

1. The "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Layout" yields...

(==) ServerLayout "Layout0"

and a few lines below that I see "Keyboard0"

2. Next I tried typing into the login screen's user name field. All was displayed normally and correct, including my full password that I typed in that field. I believe that shows the keyboard is being mapped properly in X.

3. I added a new user "dummy" with password "123456". Can log in OK in CLI mode, but NOT OK with the KDE graphical login (the new user name of dummy did appear in the list of users on left side of screen).

It appears that the problem lies elsewhere from the keyboard mapping.


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