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Re: 64-bit netbooks with Debian linux

deloptes put forth on 5/3/2010 6:20 PM:

> I've noticed that there is only 512K cache in the most netbooks which makes
> then unsuitable for development. ATM this is stopping me from buying one.
> Do you know if there are some with larger cache?

The Celeron/M based netbooks have 1MB L2 cache.  The dual core AMD and dual
core Atom netbooks have 1MB L2 cache but that's 2 x 512KB per core.
However, compiling code using concurrency_level=2 would definitely see a
speedup using the dual core CPUs, even if they have no more L2 per core vs.
the single core CPUs.  If you want to do development on a netbook today, I'd
recommend a dual core model over a single core Celeron with 1MB L2 cache.

So basically you're looking at one model of Asus Eee in black or silver.
Here's the black one:


Given the 12" screen I don't really consider this a "netbook".  If your goal
is a small form factor, I think this is the smallest portable you'll find
with a dual core cpu.  It's probably not suitable for any kind of real
"development" work, but it will probably be more suitable than any other
"netbook" class portable.


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