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Re: adding 192.x with static IP

On 05/03/2010 09:11 PM, Zachary Uram wrote:
I have a static IP setup,

Where do you get this IP address from?

Usually (always??) the router gets the (sometimes static) IP address from the ISP and then it either gives you a DHCP address or lets you specify your own (192.168.x.y or 10.x.y.z) static address.

                           I wish to add a router and it has a web
interface, I can get to it if I start a DHCP server and then is setup, but I'd really prefer to not do this.
Is there a way I can setup devices such as this without needing to run
DHCP? Also I was generally curious if there is any program which will
search my LAN and report the address of any network enabled devices it
finds (firewalls, DSL modems, routers, etc.)? Thanks!


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