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Re: [OT] Home UPS (was Filesystem recommendations)

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 1:07 PM, Kelly Clowers <kelly.clowers@gmail.com> wrote:

For me, it is only partly about my hardware. It is also about my data.
I have backups, but I didn't used to, and I would just as soon not
have to go through a restore process. And even a simple power
outage that wouldn't harm hardware might at least produce the
need for a fsck (not as much of a problem with ext4, but again
I would rather avoid the situation entirely).

I figured I would pipe up here, because I have a kind of different perspective here. I have a 42U data center rack in my basement, and about half a dozen really old servers. They aren't really worth much from a financial standpoint, but at the same time, I use them as a sort of test lab. and I have a Tripp Lite 1000VA and an APC BackUPS 1000 (just replaced the batteries) in the rack. I also have a BackUPS 350 for my workstation.

It's not about the cost of the hardware (as I said, almost everything is 32 bit PIII/P4 class hardware that has little to no value in most business environments (which is how I came by it, by and large), but my data? Thats a whole nother kettle of fish. It may only be important to me, but the point is that it *is* important to me.

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