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Re: Should be easy

On Sunday 02 May 2010 17:08:23 Mark Neidorff wrote:
> I'm running updated Lenny.  I just got a droid phone and wanted to mount it
>  on my Lenny box.  So, I plugged the USB cable into the droid and the
>  computer. I expected to see an sd? device show up with partitions (like
>  sdb1, sdb2, etc.) but they don't show up.  My primary HD shows up as
>  sda1-7.  There are entries for sdb,c,d,e and sdf, but no partitions to
>  mount.

On my Android-based phone, a HTC Hero on the Sprint network, once you are 
connected via USB, you have to use the phone to "enable USB sharing" or 
something like that.  It's an option in the notifications area.

Once you do that, Linux will automatically find it as a USB removable media 
device.  Prior to that, it is actually a USB networking device.  If you have 
"root" and/or the right permissions on your plan, you can connect your laptop 
via 3G through the phone in the default mode.
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