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Re: Debian+KDE 4.4.3

KS wrote:
Jimmy Johnson wrote:
Here we go, currently I have only done the safe upgrade, still 176
packages to upgrade, I can remove yawp (yet another weather plasma) and
get a full upgrade or keep yawp, do the upgrade and break kde, I will
stick with the safe upgrade for awhile, cause I don't want to lose yawp
or break kde.

Hopefully it won't be the last minute when yawp gets upgraded.

I just did it a couple of hours ago. When I logged in to KDE 4.4.3, I
got a blank screen. After much searching, I found a post in KDE forums
talking about some commands about plasma not working
http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=85760 So I checked and it
wasn't installed. Reinstalled it and everything seemed to be back to

safe-upgrade shouldn't be problem.

I have this Debian-Live system that I took from Lenny to Squeeze, nothing to lose so I did a full Sid upgrade, of course yawp was removed, so I installed kweather and got Weather Forecast to work, no problems to report.

Funny they are still using the name kweather, it's no longer a valid applet or widget, but needed to get plasma weather widgets to work.
Jimmy Johnson

Debian-Live installed at sda14
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