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Re: gnome panel tray icons transparancy

On Sun, 02 May 2010 15:40:28 +0200, Steven wrote:

> I have Squeeze installed on both a laptop and a desktop, this only
> occurs on the desktop.

Are both computers using the same GNOME GTK theme?

Are both computers running the same version of the applications involved 
in this issue?

> In gnome, the tray icons on the panel (network manager, rhythmbox
> playing, empathy status etc..) are not transparent, the date/time, menu
> and application shortcuts are.
> Any ideas?
> Both installations are up to date.

Two easy tests:

1/ Create a new panel and drop there the "faulty" icons. Are they still 
showed with a solid background?

2/ Create a new user, login and check if the same behaviour continues.

That would give us a tip about the origin of the problem (borked 



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