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LXDE does not log out.

I am running LXDE on Squeeze and am keeping it up to date.  I recently noticed that I can not log out of a session.  Trying to do so results in no response at all.  I can shut down, or reboot without any problems, but logout does nothing.  I don't know if this started after the full-upgrade that I did last Monday (which caused other LXDE problems) or not, as I don't think I had tried to do a logout on this system before then.  This isn't a big issue, as it is on my laptop, on which I am the only user and I am usually either logged in and working, or the system is shut down.  I am primarily worried that this is a symptom of some other problem that I have not yet noticed.  Any ideas what could be causing this?

 Marc Shapiro

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