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LXDE session aborting immediately.

Well, not really, but that is what the message says.  Actually, it says that the session lasted less than ten seconds, but who's counting.

This started happening last Monday night after doing a full-upgrade on my laptop, running Squeeze.

In reality:  If I click on OK (the only button available) then the session does indeed end and I am dropped back to a login window.  If I click the 'X' button, the same thing happens.  If I click the 'Minimize' button, however, the message just goes away (it does not appear in the task bar) and I can continue to work as if nothing had happened.

I thought that maybe I just had something messed up in some configuration file in my home directory, so I tried creating a new user to see if it still happened there.  It did.  That eliminates a personal config file from being the problem, but leaves me no closer to an answer.  Is anyone else using LXDE on Squeeze having this problem?

 Marc Shapiro

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