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Re: How to list packages in various priorities or sections

On Mon, Apr 05, 2010 at 06:14:42PM -0400, Mike Viau <viaum@sheridanc.on.ca> was heard to say:
> Both "aptitude search ~pextra ~smisc" and "aptitude search ~pextra search ~smisc" resulted in a list of package which did not necessarily meet both the search patterns specified.

  That's because "aptitude search" implicitly puts an ?or between its
parameters.  Around them.  Whatever.

  If you quote the arguments so they end up in a single command-line
parameter, this should work.

  On the surface, this behavior is dumb.  On the other hand, if an
implicit ?and was used, "aptitude search gnome kde" would return only
packages matching *both* gnome and kde, which probably isn't what the
user wanted.  Trade-offs in both directions; the one aptitude picked
means that if you want to use complex patterns, you need to be aware
of where your command-line arguments are.


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