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Re: automate updates in Lenny


thib wrote:
> Was.
> The only thing to keep in mind is that aptitude keeps an internal
> state;  a sort of staging state that you work on while using the
> ncurses UI.  It only "clears" it on demand or when you "commit" your
> changes, thus you can close and re-open a session without losing your
> work (yeah, sometimes package management is still work).
> People simply wonder when they modify some package status with apt-get
> in the middle of an aptitude session - but everything seems taken care
> of the best it can;  I'm pretty sure there's no (known) bug, the user
> is almost always the problem.
> Note that using aptitude CLI only isn't messing with people's head.
> I also think the fuzz comes from #411123, which is fixed.  I've never
> heard of anything else.
> Disclaimer -- just my understanding (I'm sometimes surprised.)
> -thib

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