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Re: udev & /dev/sdaX & lenny2squeeze

On Fri,09.Apr.10, 11:58:32, Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Ionel ;)

> I just migrate my desktop from lenny to squeeze and after installing
> all new packages and reboot the system hang at the boot process
> asking for the root password because it can't find /dev/sdaX, where
> X=2,6,7,8,9. All are valid partitions. root is /dev/sda5 and it is
> the only partition mounted. fdisk /dev/sda says that /dev/sda not
> found. Indeed ls /dev/sd* shows only /dev/sdY, with Y=c,d,e,f,f1, no
> /dev/sdZ, where Z=a*,b*.

Like others have said, this is a device naming issue. In order to boot 
you must fix your fstab, preferably to use something else than device 
names. Labels are easier to set up by hand IMO.

After that you have to make sure the 'root=' parameter in grub is 
correct. The easiest way is to 'e' (edit) the respective line at the 
grub boot menu and experiment until you find the correct device name.

>                           I try MAKEDEV sda but it says that because
> .udev is present it must abort.

I think that is deprecated since a long time (probably since udev is 

> I can't use the system in this state. Any ideas?
> If nothing I will try to boot with knoppix or the net-install
> testing CD and chroot into the system to attempt a kernel
> compilation. But I am not sure if the kernel is problematic at the
> moment.
A new kernel could help only if it assigns the same device names as you 
have in menu.lst/fstab, but I think it's the bad approach.

P.S. You can usually also reach me on #debian-ro (OFTC)
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