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Re: SCSI tape library & ISCSI

Mirco Piccin put forth on 4/9/2010 6:48 PM:
> Hi, thanks for replies.
>>>> it's possible to manage a SCSI tape library (IBM 3581) with ISCSI?
>>>> I need to use that library attached to a server into another server...
>>> well, the aim is to share the tape library across the network..
>>> Is there a way (iscsi or other) to do the job?
>> What you need is a SCSI to iSCSI bridge.
>> All you need is an iSCSI bridge such as one of these ATTO units:
> http://www.attotech.com/products/product.php?cat=5&scat=8&sku=IPBR-2600-DR0
> http://www.attotech.com/products/product.php?cat=5&scat=8&sku=IPBR-1550-DR0
> Atto device it's not a really cheap solution :-)

Neither was that IBM 3581 tape library.

> Since it's a temporary  need, I'll try to find a workaround...

You should be able to do it with one of the iSCSI targets and a kernel 2.6.x
Linux box containing an ethernet port and a SCSI connector/interface
compatible with your library.

Try looking thoroughly here:

and here:

SCST is probably what you'll want.  It apparently allows direct SCSI<->iSCSI
device pass through, which sounds like what you want/need.


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