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Re: OT: Script to add line to file if it doesn't exist

On 07.04.2010 22:10, Kent West wrote:
> I'm asking you folks, 'cause y'all know this stuff (I've been wrestling
> with this simple task all day).
> I've got a text file; I just want a script (a one-liner sed or awk
> command, etc, would be awesome) to check to see if the file contains a
> certain line of text, and if not, to add that line at the bottom of the
> file.
> For example, say the file has these four lines in it:
> john
> mary
> fred
> martin
> I want a script that will read the file and look for the name "fred",
> and if it's found, leave the file alone, but if it's not found, to add
> the name "fred" to the bottom of the file.
> Any help appreciated. Thanks!

grep -w "fred" file || printf "%s\n" "fred" >>file

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