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Re: how to control tty to external monitor or local lcd

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010 16:41:53 -0400 (EDT), Alexander Samad wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 1:03 AM, Stephen Powell wrote:
>> I'm not familiar with your laptop, but most laptops have a way to switch
>> back and forth between the internal display and an external display via
>> the internal keyboard.  On the IBM ThinkPad machines that I use (a 600
>> and a 390E) it is Fn+F7.  Consult your hardware documentation.
> yep fn + f2 - doesn't always work
>> Switching between the two is much easier if your external monitor
>> is an LCD monitor.  The internal display probably runs at 60 Hz vertical
>> refresh.  The external monitor, if it is an LCD display, will probably
>> want to run at 60 Hz vertical refresh also.  An external CRT monitor,
>> however, will probably have noticeable flicker at 60 Hz vertical refresh.
>> It will want to use a higher vertical refresh rate: at least 72 Hz.
> wouldn't have thought it would be a problem, I can place X across to
> different monitors ?  But you might be right :)

I'm talking about an either/or scenario, where by means of a key
combination on the internal keyboard the monitor is switched to internal
or external.  Using both monitors simultaneously with different images
on each one (i.e. displaying a web browser in one window and playing
solitaire in the other one) is a whole different thing.  If that's what
you want to do, you're out of my league.  I have no experience with that. 
> But I really wanted to be able to do it from the cmd line !

Well, there's chvt, but that is something completely different.
That's multiple logical (text-mode) terminals on a single physical

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