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Re: Re: Controlling displays on a multi head system

My setup is much like yours, though I have two nVidia 8400GS boards,
running the console off one and the other two monitors off the other, a
VGA driving one monitor and a DVI the other, and I installed the nVidia
driver.  Though I have been aware of TwinView, the "twin" made me think
it was adapted primarily for two monitors, and I have not looked further
into it.  Where does TwinView fit into the processing path?

Regards and thanks for following up on this,

> top/bottom layout (one display is on the top of the other).
> I use nvidia card with dual DVI-D ouput and a I have chosen a "separate 
> display" layout, so in one display (the bottom one) I get the full 
> desktop icons and bottom bar but the display on top is just clean (no 
> bars neither icons, just the background).
> I am using nvidia propietary driver which allows to select that "mode" 
> under /etc/xorg.conf named "twinview". So I guess you will have to dig a 
> bit about your card (and driver) capabilities and specify the desired 
> mode in your xorg.conf file.
> What VGA(s) do you have in that machine and what driver is being used?

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