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Re: Controlling displays on a multi head system

On Sat, 03 Apr 2010 22:10:40 -0400, Frank H. Baker wrote:

> Camaleón:
> Many thanks for responding to my query.  Let me try to clear up the
> ambiguities you raise by expanding the explanation of my problem.


> However, when
> I use, for instance, the Gnome desktop for my console on a third
> monitor, I get panels at the top and bottom of the screens of all three
> monitors when X boots.  I can suppress the panels on the two secondary
> monitors (the ones my program uses), but when my program displays a
> window on those monitors (which I intend to occupy the whole screen),
> the window is capped by a header.  That is what I want to avoid, and
> really I would like not to have the panels and background of the desktop
> displayed on those monitors, though I can handle that.

O.k. I think now I get the full picture, thanks for the detailed 
explanation :-)

In one of my computers (running lenny and gnome) I have 2 displays in a 
top/bottom layout (one display is on the top of the other).

I use nvidia card with dual DVI-D ouput and a I have chosen a "separate 
display" layout, so in one display (the bottom one) I get the full 
desktop icons and bottom bar but the display on top is just clean (no 
bars neither icons, just the background).

I am using nvidia propietary driver which allows to select that "mode" 
under /etc/xorg.conf named "twinview". So I guess you will have to dig a 
bit about your card (and driver) capabilities and specify the desired 
mode in your xorg.conf file.

What VGA(s) do you have in that machine and what driver is being used?



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