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Re: Customizing the kernel installation process

Stephen Powell wrote:
I have seen a number of help requests on this list recently that
indicate that there are a number of people who initially installed
grub, had problems, and reverted to lilo.  Then they experience
subsequent problems when a kernel is updated, a new kernel is
installed, or some kind of upgrade requires that the initial RAM
filesystem be rebuilt.  It does not appear to me that they have
lilo fully integrated into the Debian package management system.

I have a document on my web page which addresses the subject of
creating a custom kernel for Debian.  But one of the steps,
"Step 10: Customize the Kernel Installation Process", is of
interest even to people who only run stock kernels, especially
if they run lilo.  In response to recent problem reports, I have
totally re-written that Step and updated the document on the Internet
just today.  (If you have looked at the page before, it may be in your
browser cache.  Manually reload the page if necessary to make
sure that you have the current version.  The maintenance log
should show an update on April 3, 2010.)

I particularly wanted to make sure that users who change boot
loaders from grub to lilo do all the necessary steps to fully
integrate lilo into the Debian package management system.
Some of the steps are not at all obvious.

I welcome all comments.  Am I full of excrement?  Is there something
missing?  What can be improved?  I am especially interested in
hearing from lilo users.

Here is the link: http://www.wowway.com/~zlinuxman/Kernel.htm.
Scroll down to Step 10 and have a good read.  (Unfortunately, it's
fairly long.  But I wanted to treat the topic thoroughly.)

Commence firing.  Fire at will.

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