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Re: Problem with tty when debian testing(2.6.32-trunk kernel) starts up

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 11:33:03AM +0000, Jeffrey Cao wrote:
> When I upgraded to 2.6.32-trunk kernel in debian testing, I got a problem with
> tty on startup.
> After power on, it jumpts to tty4 or tty5(one time to tty4, and another time
> to tty5) before printing the following message:
> "INIT: Entering runlevel 2"
> Why does it jumpt to tty4/tty5 rather than just stay on tty1?


tty issues began when I upgraded to 2.6.32-trunk a few weeks back. Console
login goes to tty2 now instead of tty1, and no login shell until I got some
inittab customizations adjusted to that, I think.  It may still be effecting
my login to gdm.  Don't go there much.

Stephen Powell recently posted about tty changes in a graphic manager.

Kind Regards,


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