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Re: 'looking up xxxx' forever

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I have a dialup modem.

Pppconfig configured the connection with 'nameservers dynamic'.

/etc/ppp/resolv.conf always contains:


Don't know.  Have you contacted your ISP to see of they are correct?
DNS servers are usually under the  ISP's address range.

They look strange to me as the first one is in Montevideo UY and the next is in Mexico. But I do not know how they do DNS in SA

although the timestamp on the file changes with each connection:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 53 2010-04-03 11:00 resolv.conf

Now the problem:

Several times a day internet communication stops and all that appears on the status bar of iceweasel is 'Looking up xxxx' where xxxx is the site that was being displayed.

When I was on dialup if I connected and did nothing for some period of time, the ISP would drop the connection. I set a cron job to ping a web address every 10 minutes and stopped that nonsense. If I stayed connect for more then 5 hours they would drop the connect as well. Ask your ISP what their policy is on this.

This is only resolved when you take down the ppp0 interface and bring it back up, redialling the ISP.

Understandable if the ISP timed you out.

And the same nameservers appear in resolv.conf.

They always use the same DNS Servers, which is normal, here anyway.

Can anyone explain this behavior? And what to do about it?

Try the cron suggestion above.


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