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Re: CUPS broadcasting print queue availability

Hi Ron,

> My server has a print queue that looks like this:
> $ lpstat -v
> device for Dell_3100cn: socket://
> device for Dell_3100cn@haggis: socket://
> device for PDF: cups-pdf:/
> The server's /etc/cups/cupsd.conf looks like:
> Browsing On
> BrowseOrder allow,deny
> BrowseAllow
> BrowseAddress
> BrowseLocalProtocols CUPS dnssd
> DefaultAuthType Basic
> <Location />
>   Allow from 192.168.1.*
>   Order allow,deny
> </Location>
> I created this on the client:
> $ cat /etc/cups/cups.conf
> ServerName haggis
I think, you should rename this file to "/etc/cups/client.conf" - that's
what it is called on my machines;-)
> Shouldn't cups on the server (haggis) be broadcasting network messages 
> announcing the availability of it's print queues, 
Yes, I think with your configuration it should...

> and shouldn't some program from cups-client be listening?
> Or do even client computers need the cups server package?
Two times: No ;-)

Well, there are 3 possibilites:

1) You install on the client a full cups-server. Then - if you activate
   Browsing - your client will automagically know about all cups-Servers
   in the Network - and at the same time about all printers which are

2) You install on the client a full cups-server. Then, on the client,
   using either the web-interface (localhost:631) or the
   commandline-interface (lpadmin) you add all printers which you want
   to use. Then, Browsing is needed to automagically detect additional
   servers in the network or newly connected printers - those printers,
   which you added "by hand" are independent of browsing.

3) you install on the client only the cups-client, and add in the file
   /etc/cups/client.conf (It is "client.conf", NOT "cups.conf"!!!!!!!)
   the parameter "ServerName haggis". With that, the client will ONLY
   use this cups-Server - and whenever the client wants to know
   something (what printers do exists, are the working, paper jam, ...),
   the client will ask the server. So: in this configuration, it is
   irrelevant whether Browsing is activated or not... The cups-client
   packages do NOT contain a daemon which listens all the time:-)

However, always important are of course the access rights on the server;
and you have to "share" the printers on the server - in order to allow
clients to use them...



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