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GRUB2 == Non Bootable System

I just did a fresh very basic Debian Sid install on my "experimental" system (one hard drive with only a single partition), basic install meaning console only and just the following packages: ssh, mc, samba, elinks, sudo, and ClamAV.

After all the packages were installed, I ran apt-get dist-upgrade. This replaced GRUB 1.5 with GRUB 2. A reboot showed no problems, so I then gave the upgrade-from-grub-legacy command followed by the removal of the old unused /boot/grub/menu.lst just as the upgrade suggested.

A reboot now gives me:

GRUB Read Error
Operating system not found

What needs done to fix this? I have a System Rescue CD that I downloaded a couple days ago while learning about partimage. I am guessing there should be a way to use this to fix this problem, however, I have no idea what the procedures would be. From what I have seen of the new GRUB configurations, it does not look like the technique that was used to restore a 1.5 boot loader won't work with 2.0.

And once I get this fixed, is there anything I can do next time to prevent this from happening? This system I am working with is slated to be the demonstration subject for a series of Linux how to videos I am going to make (geared toward newcomers to Linux). So the procedures need to be reliable and smooth without getting bogged down in the editing of an infinite number of config files, etc. (that stuff is for a future installment).
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