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Re: connecting to WPA wireless network with ipw2100

Thanks for your input Sjoerd,

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 03:01PM +0200, Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:
> Seb schreef:
>> On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 01:31AM +0100, Seb wrote:
>>> Hello all!
>>> I just aquired an IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop and have to work out the
>>> wireless (amongst other things). The firmware (firmware-ipw2x00) and
>>> drivers are installed and working (I think).
>> I got some more clues by setting my Wireless Access Point to unsecured
>> mode for a test and succeeded in connecting to it without any
>> problems. So it's a WPA issue. So at least I know that now (and I know
>> that the firmware and drivers are loaded and working).



>> Any tests/hints appreciated...
> My wireless (intel 4965) had trouble with some wpa networks (mine at  
> home. The one at work did fine) before 2.6.30. In that kernel, the new  
> intel driver iwlagn was introduced, and from that moment on I also had  
> wireless at home. Maybe you can try a newer kernel, eg. using a live cd?

Interesting, I was able to connect to a different wireless network
using WPA as well without any problems (writing this from there
now). So I will try that indeed. Since I'm planning on compiling a
custom kernel for this machine anyways (using linux 2.6.32) I'm
putting my hopes into that, I'll report back how that goes for me.

> Sjoerd

Thanx, Sjoerd.


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