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Re: connecting to WPA wireless network with ipw2100

Seb schreef:
On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 01:31AM +0100, Seb wrote:
Hello all!

I just aquired an IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop and have to work out the
wireless (amongst other things). The firmware (firmware-ipw2x00) and
drivers are installed and working (I think).

I got some more clues by setting my Wireless Access Point to unsecured
mode for a test and succeeded in connecting to it without any
problems. So it's a WPA issue. So at least I know that now (and I know
that the firmware and drivers are loaded and working).

Does the chipset need to have built-in support WPA for it to work or
does it only depend on the configuration of wpasupplicant et al, I

I'm running Linux 2.6.26-2-686 by the way. Gonna compile a custom
kernel for this machine though using the 2.6.32 kernel from backports.

Any tests/hints appreciated...
My wireless (intel 4965) had trouble with some wpa networks (mine at home. The one at work did fine) before 2.6.30. In that kernel, the new intel driver iwlagn was introduced, and from that moment on I also had wireless at home. Maybe you can try a newer kernel, eg. using a live cd?


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