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gnome desktop and text terminal stop


I am running Lenny on a computer that is used remotely as number cruncher
and as a work station at the same time. Now for the second time the desktop
login (gdm) has become very slow or virtually stopped accepting input. The
mouse pointer is still moving but very very slow and there seems to be no
reaction on keyboard input.

It looks pretty similar to when the load is too high, e.g. when it's
swapping all the time or the root partition is full, but that's not the

I can still login via ssh and everything is fine through that channel. Using
'top' I see that the computer is basically idling. I can't find anything
suspicious in the log files.

I stopped and restarted gdm via ssh, no change. When gdm is stopped, the
text console does not accept input from the keyboard either. I did an init 1
and still the text console doesn't work. A complete reboot works. Everything
is working fine now.

The computer runs permanently (also hosting some network services). Last
night I had it run some memory and cpu intensive jobs and when I wanted to
log in the morning, it didn't work.

I can't experiment very much with it, I need it running. And anyway I have
no idea how to trigger this behaviour on purpose. If you have any idea how I
could get a clue or what I could look at when this happens again, please
give me a hint.

The computer is a HP workstation, 2 Xeon quadcores, 32GB RAM if that

Thanks, Gero.

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