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Re: bind9 rndc reload problem (SOLVED)

On 1.4.2010 4:24, Jari Fredriksson wrote:
> I think this is how it is supposed to be in Debian.
> So.
> 1. I change a zone file
> 2. I add one to serial in the zone file
> 3. I command "rndc reload"
> 4. rndc connects to named, and all seems good
> 5. changes do not show up :(
> Any ideas?

Found it in BIND FAQ :/

Why don't my zones reload when I do an "rndc reload" or SIGHUP?

A zone can be updated either by editing zone files and reloading the
server or by dynamic update, but not both. If you have enabled dynamic
update for a zone using the "allow-update" option, you are not supposed
to edit the zone file by hand, and the server will not attempt to reload it


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