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Re: ad blocking squid

On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 13:53:12 +0100, Jozsef Vadkan wrote:

> I want to block ads on the client side. [i mean when the people surf the
> net, they shouldn't see any ads]
> Can anyone post a link to a good howto, how to set up a transparent
> squid proxy, that can filter ads? [on client side! - router isn't
> running openwrt, etc.]

Are you sure you want take that approach?

If I were a user I would like to be able to choose what content to 
display in my browser and what don't. For that reason is browser ad-block 
extensions are for :-)

Anyway, there is some good stuff out there:

Blocking Ads in Squid

Also, check that thread:

HTTP Filter Proxy



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