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Re: Increasing or Freeing inodes

On Wed March 17 2010 03:38:27 Siju George wrote:
> I got this warning from nagios about one of my debian systems
> DISK WARNING - free space: /var 426 GB (54% inode=99%): / 6 GB (1%
> inode=89%): /boot 173 GB (99% inode=99%):
> I am runnig backuppc on this server and I guess it is those hardlinks
> that are consuming the inodes.

(1) You don't have an inode shortage.  You have 99%/89%/99% inodes free.
(2) You can confirm this with "df -i".
(3) Hardlinks do not consume any inodes, only directory space.
(4) You're short of blocks (not inodes) on your 6GB root drive.
(5) "du -x --max-depth=1 /" may help to show what is using those 6GB.

--Mike Bird

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