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Re: Debian 5 server - auto-reconnect to wireless networks?

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 10:51:13AM +0100, Klistvud wrote:
> Dne, 23. 02. 2010 16:57:26 je chombee napisal(a):
>> it has a static IP so I can ssh to it
>> over the internet. I think network manager (when working correctly) is
>> actually perfect for it, it should keep the connection to my home
>> wireless network alive, but it's also very easy and convenient 
>> for other
>> situations when I wouldn't want to be messing around with  
>> wpasupplicant
>> config files, like if I'm travelling and decide to take the 
>> laptop with
>> me, if my girlfriend borrows it, etc.
> That comes as a surprise. I've never managed to make network 
> manager work with a *static IP* (but then, I'm little more than a 
> beginner in all things GNU/Linux). I've been googling quite a lot 
> and it would seem that such configuration is only possible if 
> your *router* is capable of assigning a static IP based on a 
> client's MAC address (about which I would very much like to be 
> disproved). My Belkin router, alas, has no such capability ...

Yeah my router handles that. I think newer versions of network manager may handle static IPs, not sure.

Network manager is reconnecting most of the time but sometimes when the router crashes or gets restarted nm doesn't reconnect. Sometimes nm doesn't seem to notice it has lost the connection. Not perfect. I need a better router anyway.

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