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Re: Empty folder gives a `hand' cursor icon (foolish)

On Sun, 14 Mar 2010 18:35:21 +0100, Merciadri Luca wrote:

> After having deleted the content of a folder of mine (on an external
> HDD), clicking on the empty folder's icon gives me an empty folder (that
> is normal), but the cursor keeps being a `hand' (just like when one can
> click one something). Note that I have activated the `one-click to open
> a folder' mode.
> It is definitively not normal. 

Not, it's not :-)

(I mean, not happening here, in lenny)

> Any idea?

Some tests/questions:

- Does this also happen on local (non-usb) and empty folders?
- Does this happen if you select the "double-click method" (just for 
testing purposes)?
- Does it happen if you login with another fresh-created user?

There was only once that I experienced weird things with icons but was on 
a virtual machine running virtualbox. I updated the kernel on that VM and 
forgot to update "guest additions" which gave something like you are 
seeing now (mouse cursor not detecting the object it was over).



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