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Re: Minimum size for /home?

On Thu, 04 Mar 2010 13:54:30 -0600
postid <postid@att.net> wrote:

> I'm setting up a laptop for triple boot: WinXP; Debian Lenny with KDE
> and lots of bells and whistles; Debian Lenny with Fluxbox and just the
> essentials. I may swap one of those three for a different distro later.
> Here's the planned layout:
> hda1 -------- WinXP
> hda2 -------- / for first distro
> hda3 -------- / for second distro
> hda4 -------- extended
>    hda5 -------- /home for first distro
>    hda6 -------- /home for second distro
>    hda7 -------- shared data partition
>    hda8 -------- swap
> All data will be stored in the shared data partition, except for what's
> in the dot files (e-mail, etc.) in the /home partitions. (I'm not using

Email isn't necessarily in a dot file / directory, and (depending, I
suppose, on your MUA), it needn't be on your home.

> a shared /home partition since I want to avoid config conflicts.) I have
> limited hard-drive space.
> Here are the questions:
> -- How small can I make the /home partitions?
> -- With data being stored in its own partition, what are the limiting
> factors for /home partition size? I suspect it's e-mail attachments that 
> could bloat /home the quickest.

As others have mentioned, lots of applications store pretty big things,
such as cache and thumbnails, in your home, at least by default.  Most
of them can probably be configured to use alternate locations, though.
For that matter, most applications can be configured to look for their
configuration outside of your home, too, but I suppose that trying to
keep track of all that would be a pretty big hassle and headache.

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