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Re: qtparted and kernel disagree about partitions

On Thursday 04 March 2010, David Goodenough wrote:
> I have a hard drive with a primary partition and an extended partiton.
> QTParted says that it has /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2 and /dev/hda5 which is
> what one would expect, but when I boot the disk the kernel reports
> that there are only the /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 partitons, no /dev/hda5.
> The really odd thing is that qtparted is running on the kernel which
> can not see /dev/hda5.
> The disk is question is a 2.5" 160GB drive, and is quite new.  The kernel
> log shows no errors.
> Any idea what might cause this and how to fix it (preferably without
> repartitioning the disk as backing it all up would take a while and also
> I do not know how I would access the data in /dev/hda5 if I can not see
> it).
> David
Well I found out a bit more.  Firstly I booted from a Knoppix CD (2.6.19) 
and it sees the partitions just fine.  Then I looked in /var/log/kern.log
(previously I had been looking in dmesg) and found:-

hda: Host Protected Area detected.
^Icurrent capacity is 268435455 sectors (137438 MB)
^Inative  capacity is 312581808 sectors (160041 MB)
hda: 268435455 sectors (137438 MB) w/8192KiB Cache, 
hda: cache flushes supported
hda: hda1 hda2 < >
hda: p1 size 302343237 exceeds device capacity, enabling native capacity
hda: detected capacity change from 137438952960 to 160041885696

which obviously did not used to happen with the Knoppix kernel, or the
older 2.6.26 kernel I ran from this disk before.

Anyone know what this Host Protected Area and what I do with it and
how I make it detect the disk properly?


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