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Re: SpamAssassin not following private whitelist commands

On 2010-03-03 01:09, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 2010-03-02 21:54, green wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote at 2010-03-02 19:38 -0600:
per-user whitelist addresses go in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs with
the format:
whitelist_from  foo@bar.com

However, whitelisted accounts are still being scored as spam.  Any

Perhaps you need the line:
allow_user_rules 1
in /etc/spamassassin/local.cf

Thanks.  I'll see how that worked.

No luck.

Added "allow_user_rules 1" to /etc/spamassassin/local.cf but foo@bar.com is still getting scored highly.

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