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OpenOffice and Fluxbox, window sizing problem


I'm trying to use openoffice on Debian testing, with Fluxbox as my
window manager. I use the styles and formatting dropdown, and the
undocked window it provides when you click on the "more" option quite a
lot. However, no matter how many times I manually resize the undocked
window, or set my preferences for this window to be relatively small and
placed off to one side of the screen, it is constantly resized to
maximize, obscuring everything on the screen. This happens whenever I
use alt-tab to bounce between windows.

Typical example:

Open oowriter
Click on the apply-styles drop-down in the menubar
Click on the "more" style option
The entire screen is taken up by the "Styles and Formatting" window
Resize the "Styles and Formatting" window with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts
Open a second document
alt-tab between the two documents
the "Styles and Formatting" window is now maximized again!

I don't know if this is a fluxbox issue, or an OOO issue, but I've tried
setting appropriate options in .fluxbox/apps, and I can't override this
very annoying behaviour. Any help would be appreciated.



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