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Re: Single root filesystem evilness decreasing in 2010? (on workstations)

Andrei Popescu put forth on 2/28/2010 8:32 AM:
> On Sun,28.Feb.10, 03:20:38, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> /var	up2u	ext2	sequential write/read, journal unnecessary
> Would you mind going into details? I always thought the journal was 
> especially useful on partitions like /var where it is more likely that 
> the system will be writing something right before a crash/power failure, 
> but I'm definitely not an expert.

Depends on what you're writing and what platform.  Most of /var is
non-permanent data, /var/mail and /var/log being exceptions.  Depending on
what mail client is used and how it's used, /var/mail may not be used at
all, leaving most of the write activity to the log files.  Workstations
typically aren't writing a ton of data to /var/log, nothing like most
servers, so IMO a journaled FS isn't really necessary for /var.  Others may
have other opinions.

Something to consider is that millions of people have been running single
ext2 partitions with everything in / for quite some time.  I don't recall
reading many system crash horror stories of data loss in /var or anywhere
else in the Linux filesystem.

My recommendation of XFS for /home was mainly focused on speed.  XFS has
very fast copy speed and handles large files very well.  The journal is just
a bonus.  My comments in this thread are workstation specific.  In a server
environment there are many other reasons I choose XFS.


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