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Re: Two Lenny problems

On Sat,27.Feb.10, 20:16:01, Cecil Knutson wrote:
> Stephen,
> >I was going to suggest trying a different sound card on your existing
> >system.  But it's your call.
> That is a good idea.  I'll look to see what I have.  Am I right to
> assume that the installation will have to be repeated in order to
> get the sound card recognized and configured?
Definitely not! But to keep things simple just remove the other card, 
plug in the new one and (with a little bit of luck) it should just work.


> The multiple partitions of Debian is one of the features that first
> attracted me to the OS.  Oh! and multiple partitions makes disk
> maintenance so much easier.

It makes planning more complicated, not something I would recommend to 
beginners. But keeping /home on a separate partition is (almost) always 
a good idea.


> But each installation failed to give a suitable screen to the X
> server, even though I gave the same H-Freq, V-Freq, resolution,
> monitor data, etc.  And I tried several edits of the X-server
> configuration file, even copying from the config file that is
> created by the X-server test command.

This shouldn't be necessary anymore unless you have a really old 

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