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Re: Open Office upgrade

On Sunday 28 February 2010 13:30:11 James Allsopp wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm getting this error when I try and do an upgrade,
> You are upgrading from a version which might have corrupted
> service/component registry files (*.rdb), especially
> /var/lib/openoffice/basis3.1/program/services.rdb and the rdb files in
> /var/spool/openoffice/uno_packages/cache for installed extensions.
> If you experience problems with the component manager or segmentation
>  faults involving libstore in either unopkg or OpenOffice.org, please check
>  these files. Try cleanly reinstalling the packages and/or using a clean
>  user profile.
> How should I resolve this, just uninstall and reinstall openoffice, or is
>  it a sign of something more complicated?
> Best regards
> Jim

It's not an error but a warning. Enter 'q' to continue the upgrade.

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