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Re: 2.6.32 kernel needs noapic on Acer Travelmate 430 which earlier kernels did not need

David Goodenough wrote:
I recently upgraded the kernel on an elderly Acer laptop from 2.6.26 to 2.6.32
and found that it hung just after initialising the pcmcia socket.  Looking at
the dmesg output from booting 2.6.26 there seemed to be something about
ACPI interrupts, so I added noapic and it now boots.

You really need to file a bug report for this. Figure out what kernel you are using (try running 'uname -r', and then match that up with 'aptitude search ~ilinux-image' to get the package name), then run

    reportbug  linux-image-<version-from-above>

[This depends on you having either configured your networking so that 'reportbug' can use whatever mail server you have installed to send the message, or the proper configurations in your ~/.reportbugrc file so that 'reportbug' can send directly to the Debian BTS server.]


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