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Re: Recovered!! (was Re: Anyone Care to Critique my Apt Preferences? (was Re: apt-cacher as package rollback buffer))

On 10-02-27 12:04:08, Freeman wrote:
> Following the big xserver-org/mesa seg-fault/crash I was at grub
> playing space invaders.
> 1.) I could reach the diversion to maintenance mode where it
> recommended running e2fsck on mounted partitions, which I eventually 
> did, reluctantly.

I would usually either boot from a "rescue" CD (or an installer and 
choose Rescue mode), or add the kernel boot option "forcefsck" along 
with the "ro" option (on both Debian and Red Hat systems).

> 2.) On restart I got up and running with errors flying everywhere,
> missing files and directories and frequent process failures.

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