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Re: Why doesn't iceweasel work with iceape

On Saturday 27 February 2010 16:30:08 Bret Busby wrote:
> I am running Debian 5.
> I have iceweasel installed, and I have iceape installed.
> I use iceape because it allows me, on clicking on a mailto link, to open
> an iceape mail composer window.
> In trying to configure iceweasel to do the same (iceweasel defaults to
> opening evolution, which I understand to be much the same as microsoft
> outlook), I open the iceweasel Edit -> Preferences -> Applications ->
> mailto option, and it displays the options "Use Gmail", Use Yahoo!
> Mail", "Always ask", and "Use other", which does not give access to
> iceape mail composer.
> But, it does not display an option for "Use Iceape Mail Composer", and,
> with iceape mail composer, in viewing the properties, and thus the
> launch command, the iceweaselpreferences options, do not allow for
> entering the command to run iceape mail composer; "iceape -compose".
> So, iceweasel recognises proprietary email applications (gmail and yahoo
> mail), but, does not recognise the realted email application; iceape
> mail composer, and, apparently, prohibits the use of iceape mail
> composer, to acion mailto links.
> Why doesn't iceweasel work with iceape?
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1. run:  dpkg-reconfigure iceweasel
2. run:  update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

Jens Van Broeckhoven 

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