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Workaround "acpi=off", Was: debian/testing systems stopped to boot after upgrade between 20.02 and 22.02

Charlie wrote:
| That did the trick removing <vga=788> Your help is much appreciated.

In case of both my systems problem was obviously not screen mode related.
I have removed using of framebuffer by grub. I have deinstalled "fonty".
I have switched off everything in /etc/init.d what was suspected to change
the graphics mode.
I have even deleted the framebuffer drivers from /lib/modules/....

The problem still persisted.

Finally I've stated, that the problem looks like the system gets hibernated
or switched off automatically during the startup.

So I've booted the first machine with additional  "acpi=off" boot argument -
it started.
I heve tried the second one - it worked.

This is very interesting, as they are completely different machines.
One is HP/Compaq nx7300 with intel graphics chipset. The second one is the
Intel 82865G based desktop...

Has the last upgrade done something with the acpi subsystem?
The kernel is still the same. There must been something changed in the
userspace apps which causes my machines to sleep befory they fully


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