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Re: Correct binary for Intel Core i5

On 2/22/2010 6:19 PM, Johan Kullstam wrote:
Mark Allums<mark@allums.com>  writes:

If the MB uses the Intel ICH10 Southbridge, the SATA, at least, will
work.  If the Northbridge is Intel, as it virtually *must* be with the
Core i5, the GPU will be okay.  If the GPU is external, then buying an
AMD/ATI or NVIDIA card will be safe.  Most boards have Marvell NIC
chips, that's covered.

Really?  All I seem to be able to find is Realtek.  It is easy to get an
actual card.

ASUS uses Marvell for Gigabit, and Giga-Byte also on some boards. Other GB boards apparently have other things. Marvell was a popular choice a few years ago. It may be that now, they aren't the only game in town. I may be out of touch.

And sound will almost certainly be Intel
Azalia HD; that's covered.  I think you'll be fine.

I made that assumption based on the fact that it's an Intel-based board, but Realtek is still very common for Audio. But Realtek is okay. There are drivers for it.

AMD64 is the designation for the 64-bit chip architecture, not the
actual chip manufacturer.  AMD devised it, and Intel did the sensible
thing and copied it when they expanded their x86 architecture to
64-bit; it was a very good design.

The 32 bit i386 is also viable.

That's true (but it's losing ground fast). Most people install 4 MB or more these days, and want it all.

There are a few things which are not
yet available for amd64.  These are all non-free, but some people want
acrobat reader.  And hulu won't work with the 64 bit flash.

Flash is obsolete, and good riddance. HTML 5, FTW! Use Iceweasel/Firefox, or Google Chrome, and you will find that some YouTube videos work anyway, and you have flash blocked, or not even installed.

Stay away from the IA64 port.  That's for the Itanium.

I did that.  It took me like an hour to figure out why my machine
wouldn't boot off the disk.  D'OH!

LOL!  An hour gone from your life you'll never get back.

Mark Allums

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