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Re: Correct binary for Intel Core i5

Mark Allums <mark@allums.com> writes:

> On 2/20/2010 5:18 PM, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Peter Tenenbaum put forth on 2/20/2010 4:51 PM:
>>> Hello there --
>>> I am planning to assemble a new computer for my home, and to run debian
>>> linux on it.  I'm planning to use an Intel Core i5-660 CPU in this
>>> computer.  From the documentation, it looks like the correct binary to use
>>> is the AMD64.  Is this right?  Does anyone know of any problems running
>>> debian AMD64 on Intel core-i5 processors?
>> This is the proper binary for the core i5, but that's the least of your worries.
>>   Your real concern should focus on whether Debian/Linux has all the drivers for
>> the various hardware devices on the motherboard and in the expansion slots,
>> including, but not limited to:
>> 1.  GPU
>> 2.  Network interface
>> 3.  SATA controller
>> 4.  Sound chip
> If the MB uses the Intel ICH10 Southbridge, the SATA, at least, will
> work.  If the Northbridge is Intel, as it virtually *must* be with the
> Core i5, the GPU will be okay.  If the GPU is external, then buying an
> AMD/ATI or NVIDIA card will be safe.  Most boards have Marvell NIC
> chips, that's covered.

Really?  All I seem to be able to find is Realtek.  It is easy to get an
actual card.

> And sound will almost certainly be Intel
> Azalia HD; that's covered.  I think you'll be fine.
> AMD64 is the designation for the 64-bit chip architecture, not the
> actual chip manufacturer.  AMD devised it, and Intel did the sensible
> thing and copied it when they expanded their x86 architecture to
> 64-bit; it was a very good design.

The 32 bit i386 is also viable.  There are a few things which are not
yet available for amd64.  These are all non-free, but some people want
acrobat reader.  And hulu won't work with the 64 bit flash.

> Stay away from the IA64 port.  That's for the Itanium.

I did that.  It took me like an hour to figure out why my machine
wouldn't boot off the disk.  D'OH!

> Mark Allums


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