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Re: /var/log/messages(dmesg) ?

2010/2/22 Hadi Motamedi <motamedi24@hotmail.com>:
> Dear All
> My Debian server got hung and when I tried to power cycle it , I checked its

Can you try to explain the syntoms? and What services do you have into
the server?

One day on some one the my Servers turned off the services and I was
seeing all logs and can´t see nothing but with top common, I see that
my Swap partition was very small and the resources it was full.

I Fixed the problem Swap partition, the machinge was runing without problems.

> /var/log/messages & /var/log/dmesg with respect to the time of fault
> occurance to see what was really happened . But its 'messages' log does not
> show anything recorded for about 30 minutes before its recovery after power
> cycling . Can you please let me know where is I can check to find the root
> cause of failure ?
> Thank you

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